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Hey, I am Pauline,

I am thrilled to see you here! I have prepared something incredible for you.

I have combined decades of trainings and experience coaching women from all over the world packaged in very practical programs and resources.

Everything has been designed to get you the best results when it comes to creating the body and health you dream of.

It would be an honour to hold your hand in this process!

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Pauline Hanuise

Pauline is a certified holistic health coach, specialised in women's health and emotional eating recovery, and a 400hrs certified yoga instructor.

She is been named one of the top 5 women in health and wellness by Cosmopolitan, but more importantly, she has 11+ years experience helping women, from all over the world, healing their greatest assets: themselves, and their relationship to their own bodies, and to food.

She trained at IIN and at the famous Yoga Barn in Bali. Then taught in many different countries, and online via her online programs and classes. Her goal is to help as many women as possible, so they can finally experience their true power.